Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sk8er Girl

Hi errrrbody! i'm currently staying at my hometown (re: Manado) and it makes me happy. Almost a year that i've never been here and you know, i really miss this place. Enjoying the city by myself for more than 2 weeks and will be back to Jakarta as well on 28th July. Literally met my old fellas here and we enjoyed every single day. Superrrr happy but i miss Jakarta too. Counting days to my orientation and i'm so nervous. But anyway, it;s kinda hard to use skateboard. I fell many times using that thing but it was fun tho! i'm pretty sure will be back with my lil bro (because he plays really well on it).

Dress& Pins : Stradivarius // Denim Jacket& Flanel Shirt : Zara // Shoes : Dr. Martens


seeeeee ya soon! x

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