Monday, October 14, 2013

Higher Than the Sun

Finally HnM in Jakarta and i'm so excited yay! unluckily, there are so many people so i didn't get cute things. Oh ya, WHO'S WATCHING ANTM aka AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL?<3333 my fav are JOURDAN,NINA,MIKE and also cutie pie JEREMY!!!! if you watch it,tell me your fav too on below<3 anw, got a new bangs and i realized it became awkward......and the fav part is i got new
skinny jeans and it'll be my fav pants yay!(>_<) i'm trying new effect to make the picture look
more exist hahahaha i'm sorry if it is not good for you all:p 

top & pants : zara // beanie : rusty // coat : vintage // shoes : dr.martens

see you really soon on the next post!:)
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