Monday, January 4, 2016

Rare Unicorn

Holiday will be over, school starts on thursday hft. I'm not ready yet for school. I'll be busy with a lot of things /sigh/. But, nevermind. Anyway, don't know wut to do so yeah, i decided to write a nu post again. Happy new year for y'all! How's your new year? Hope this year will be better than yesterday. This year,  i'll be more often write something on my blog and i mean it now and forever. But, sorry if i'm back as lazy-ass again HA HA, lol jk. I'm currently sick, i don't know why. But here i am now.


Jacket - The Ragged Priest // Top - bought in SG // Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

 Happy New Year 2016!
x o x o

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