Saturday, June 11, 2016

Flower Bomb

New post with new hair. well, hi everyone! i'm back for you guys *sorry*. I was busy a few months ago, so that's why i didn't write anything here. It's been 3 months....but that's ok, i'm here now. It's actually summer but recently it's been raining all day. I don't know exactly why but i miss summer as well. Got my new hair. I permed it because i'm bored lol. Like back with the old me, probably? everybody hates it and i was, but it turns out better now so i kinda like it. My hair is totally fine now, don't worry.

dress : Zara // bag : Skinny Dip London // earrings : Lure_id (ig) // shoes : Jeffrey Campbell

see you guys on the next post! lop u

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