Friday, June 28, 2013


oh hello,i'm sorry i didn't post anything again cause i was in my grandma's apartment.
so here's my outfit when i went to her apartment :)
anw,next month i'll be a SHS's student hahahaha can't wait for new uniform,memoriessss,
friends,knowledge!yayyy>< but,i'll be more busy hmmmm.
too bad,one of my best friends goes to another school so i have 
a lil chance to meet her but it's ok,we can hang out together on weekend!hihi
huh,my longgggest holiday will be end on next month and i go back 
to my habit....


i didn't notice my new dungaree from Miss Selfridge same with my haircrown from Inspired by Luce :))



top&bag : Topshop // dungaree : Miss Selfridge // hair crown :Inspired by Luce // ring : Greedy Sassy // shoes : dr.martens // socks : unbranded

instagram : @milkhaeunike
twitter : @milkhaeunike_