Sunday, September 30, 2012

Good Day Sunshine

" Good Day Sunshine 
 Good Day Sunshine 
 Good Day Sunshine

We take a walk the sun is shining down
Burns my feet as they touch the ground 

Good Day Sunshine
Good Day Sunshine
Good Day Sunshine "

I randomly wrote the lyrics of Good Day Sunshine by The Beatles . I'm listening while writing this post   right now and i really love the song! I can't get enough with this song right now haha! Anyway , i don't know why i just love my outfit on here . Maybe because i look more mature :/ haha forget about it . And you know what? I just finished my tests & now i'm free! But , i can't say it before i know the result -__- i hope i get a good score , Amen .

sweater : gaudi | skirt & socks : unbranded | bag : Lovely Lace | Sunnies & Gold Plate necklace : Fairy Vintage

good night , xx 
@milkhaeunike / @milkha_ 

Friday, September 14, 2012


Just realize that today is friday and i'm free! homeworks , assignment , and tests are passed and now , i can post my outfit :) . My sister said i'm look like korean girl because i wore pastels outfit ! But i don't know why i don't like korean girl :| it's weird but true ! haha . 

how's life everyone :)? good or bad ? Finally i can post my new outfit with no assignment , homeworks and tests! but unfortunately, my mid term test will be start on next friday! huhu i hope i can do all the best  and got a best score ! amen :) . By the way , i'm very excited to see Taylor Swift new album called RED! omg 22nd october please come faster and i can't wait too watch her RED world tour! 

top : my friend's olshop | flower skirt : colorbox | white tight : unbranded | vest : new look | lacey socks & shoes : topshop | bag : lovelylace | sunnies : my uncle's 

good night! xo 

Monday, September 10, 2012


Hey everyone sorry i can update my blog today
because i get really really tired with my homeworks -___- . How's life ? Good or bad :)? By the way , if you have instagram surely you know that! I have instagram account too >·< !! Go follow my instagram @milkhaeunike