Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!! too lazy to write a new post because 
i have a good relationship with my bed. I spend my whole day only for sleep >,<.
However, today is the day!so i cut my relationship with my bed for a while and
having a great conversation with my big fam. Unusual, this is my second christmas
celebration without mom&dad but i feel better than before :P hehehe.
I wore this outfit to church and then i changed my pants into red 'cause my aunt forced 
me to use the red one (what's the problem with the green one?) 
And i decided to took a picture in front of my house.....
well,i'm a little shy but i think it's the best spot for me :P 
last but not least,sorry for the bad photos because the weather was cloudy.

which one is the best?the christmas hat or the deer one? tell me :))!

sweater : @herspot on ig // pants : cache-cache // heels : charles&keith // transparant clutch : @tgif_bdg on ig

see you soon!xx 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Christmas is getting closer and i'm so excited!!!!! My holiday will start tomorrow and i
already wrote 'to do list' on my journal. This is my first christmas celebrate
in Jakarta and totally insane because it'll be the most prettiest year ever.
To be honest, 2013 will be over and i can't believe time flies too fast, don't you think?
there's so many memories that i've been through. I hope 2014 will give me more than 2013 did.
Oh ya, i really love christmas because so many christmas presents will come to me yay!!
hope all the sweaters will be mine so i can wear it in December. Then, i just bought
one of the sweater that i like,so happy >< 

sweater & bag : zara // skirt : cloth inc // sunnies : herspot (@herspot on ig) // wedges : the little things she need // tights : damour shop (@damourshop on ig)

Saturday, November 30, 2013


On monday, my 4th day of final exam and i can't believe that. I haven't study yet and just watched getaway movie. I think it was soooo amazing and i'm flattered (^_^) haahaha. Anyway,i'm so sorry 
because i rarely post something on my blog just because i don't have much time to write something.
And now, i can post something about my outfit again hehehe :p . I love the combination between 
pastel colors and the black one especially my comfy wedges that i bought from payless hihi. Anyway,
i just can't wait for christmas but this year i'm not going to my hometown because i want to explore more about Jakarta with my besties<3 . Last but not least, this is my fav season although it isn't here.
I'm a collector of sweater and i love autumn color so bad!!!! i can't wait to shop till drop for 
celebrate my christmas ><!

sweater : colorbox //  bag : charles&keith // dress worn as a skirt : hnm // wedges : payless 

see you on December ;)
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@milkhaeunike on ig 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Higher Than the Sun

Finally HnM in Jakarta and i'm so excited yay! unluckily, there are so many people so i didn't get cute things. Oh ya, WHO'S WATCHING ANTM aka AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL?<3333 my fav are JOURDAN,NINA,MIKE and also cutie pie JEREMY!!!! if you watch it,tell me your fav too on below<3 anw, got a new bangs and i realized it became awkward......and the fav part is i got new
skinny jeans and it'll be my fav pants yay!(>_<) i'm trying new effect to make the picture look
more exist hahahaha i'm sorry if it is not good for you all:p 

top & pants : zara // beanie : rusty // coat : vintage // shoes : dr.martens

see you really soon on the next post!:)
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sweeter Than Fiction

ohhh hello!! i just realized that tomorrow will be Monday. Going back to normal activities 
after watched a movie. I was tired because i've to finish the assignments huft.
And i had been waiting more than 5/6 months for Insidious 2 and it's still coming soon.
Many people said, it will release on September,October,even November. 
I can't wait to watch it. Too bad,next week i've a mid term test.
I thought that time flies too fast,is that right?oh yaaa, who doesn't know The Fault in Our Stars
by John Green?i cried when i read that book. it such a great book ever!!! i love every
single words came out from Agustus Waters. If he exist,he would be the sweetest guy ever!
anw, just bought a pair of cinderella shoes by MMM x HnM. i feel like i'm walking on air hahaha

dress: forever21 // bag : bershka // shoes : MMM x HnM via @herspot (on ig)

see you soon!!!<3