Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sweeter Than Fiction

ohhh hello!! i just realized that tomorrow will be Monday. Going back to normal activities 
after watched a movie. I was tired because i've to finish the assignments huft.
And i had been waiting more than 5/6 months for Insidious 2 and it's still coming soon.
Many people said, it will release on September,October,even November. 
I can't wait to watch it. Too bad,next week i've a mid term test.
I thought that time flies too fast,is that right?oh yaaa, who doesn't know The Fault in Our Stars
by John Green?i cried when i read that book. it such a great book ever!!! i love every
single words came out from Agustus Waters. If he exist,he would be the sweetest guy ever!
anw, just bought a pair of cinderella shoes by MMM x HnM. i feel like i'm walking on air hahaha

dress: forever21 // bag : bershka // shoes : MMM x HnM via @herspot (on ig)

see you soon!!!<3



  1. omg itu sepatunya lucu bgtt >< totally craving for them! looking so lovely as always milkhaa

  2. omg i love the heel !!!!!
    one of my wishlist TT__TT
    btw u look chic ;)

  3. aaaw you look so lovely dear, and the shoes is way too cool <333

  4. You have a really lovely style <3

    Love everything you are wearing for real.... it's unique and suits you really well and the color is great!
    Beauty review, D.I.Y, Beauty Tips and more...

  5. Ohh.. I like your shoes <3
    can you visit my blog ? :) and give me a comment :D

  6. Love your heels so much!
    we have the similar heels but different color :D
    is that JC?


  7. such a sweet outfit! love the title of your post.

  8. Love the sexy back dress and the heels<3

  9. My eyes on your heels! Sooooo much cuuuteeee! Love it! And, I hope you can watch insidious as soon as possible :)


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