Saturday, May 31, 2014

An Unspoken Heartbreak

Today is public holiday so that i can post a new blog post yay. But.......tomorrow is the day that i've been waiting forrrrrrr *sigh* i just wish tons of lucks for meehhh. Anyway, i took all the pictures on tuesday morning. I've already planned it on the day before so then i decided to woke up earlier to do the photoshoot and the result is pretty good! because i love the sunrise, and i know it also makes the pictures look better. You know, i was sweating a lot because it's too hot even though it was 9am. Well, my outfit reminds me of summer vibe and you know summer will be start on June and i can't wait to enjoy it after struggling with my final exam and i'll do my best so that i can easily enjoy my summer holiday without any regret because i won't waste my time which makes things get worse :))

Topshop Lace Top // Bershka Knit Cardigan, Skirt, Wedges // Stradivarius Earings // Youniq Necklace // Greedysassy Ring

tillll the next post! see you<3

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Overthinking Everything

hello everyone! it's been a long time since i didn't post something here. i'm too busy to prepare my final exam and it's getting closer *sigh* i'm so nervous to face all of my exam. Sorry for keep telling you all over again about my final exam because i can't believe that's the fact T.T anyway, i got my bag as my bday present from my dad (p.s : my birthday was on 16th May aka last friday) and i asked him that bag as my present. And for those who said happy birthday to me, i thank you so much for every single of your wishes. Last but not least, sorry for the credit on the photos because i'm tired of someone that stole my pics easily and without permission. I'll more appreciate if you add the photo credit :) 

Zara NY Top // Bershka Short & Knit Cardigan // Cambridge Satchel Co Bag // Forever 21 Earings & Belt

Saturday, May 10, 2014

I Like Cats

My sweater already told you about me. i loveeee cats so much and i can't help! the first time i saw this sweater, i immediately love it. Don't know why i love cats probably because they're too cute for me. Anyway, my birthday is getting closer *excited* and i didn't realize that  hahaha. And of course my final exam is getting closer too and i wish tons of lucks for meehh so that i can do it well. Because today is my bad hair day, i decided to tied up my hair into braids. That braids look so messy because i did it only 2-3 minutes (excuse my messy braids ><) And because my birthday is getting closer, i received my pre-birthday presents from my dad and also my best friend. Thank you so much because it means a lot for meeee and also they gave what i need so i can't be more happier than before hahaha :))

Pull&Bear Cats Sweater // Bershka Skirt // Mango Bag // Chiels x Sonia Eryka Shoes // Topshop Socks

see you on the next post! 

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Here Comes The Sun

Today is the first day of May, right? Can't wait to enjoy my month yay!!! By the way, i have visited central Park twice a week on this April. The first one is having a lunch and the second is meeting up with my fellas blogger. it was so much fun but i'm sorry because i can update my new post today as you know that i don't have much time since my final exam is near and also i have to do so many assignments T.T luckily, i have a day break today lalayeye~~ anyway, i can't stop to love pastel things because the colour is soft-brigthly and it makes me so happy whenever i wear pastels. And.....because on that day was Easter Day, i wore my cutie pie rabbit ring that i fell in love at the first sight. Also, the white shoes that i buy from Pop Up Market ( Chiels x Sonia Erika) you know,it feels like walking on air *start singing* k bye lol.
And the meet up was pretty good. We talked about blog,fashion and also about outfits lol. Also ate
lots of snacks and tried a bubble milk tea! omg it was really really funnnnnn to meet them. 
Guys, i need more holiday for sureeee T.T i miss being free hft. so many assignments and exams
i have to do and may God bless me and i wish tons of lucks for meehhh *fight* 

STUPKID top // Gaudi skirt // Chiels x Sonia Eryka shoes // Topshop bag&socks // Chain Reaction headband // Greedysassy rabbit ring

with ci Bella from Bella More Way  
with Dea from Perky Tickled Pink Unicorn

see you on the next post!!

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