Thursday, May 1, 2014

Here Comes The Sun

Today is the first day of May, right? Can't wait to enjoy my month yay!!! By the way, i have visited central Park twice a week on this April. The first one is having a lunch and the second is meeting up with my fellas blogger. it was so much fun but i'm sorry because i can update my new post today as you know that i don't have much time since my final exam is near and also i have to do so many assignments T.T luckily, i have a day break today lalayeye~~ anyway, i can't stop to love pastel things because the colour is soft-brigthly and it makes me so happy whenever i wear pastels. And.....because on that day was Easter Day, i wore my cutie pie rabbit ring that i fell in love at the first sight. Also, the white shoes that i buy from Pop Up Market ( Chiels x Sonia Erika) you know,it feels like walking on air *start singing* k bye lol.
And the meet up was pretty good. We talked about blog,fashion and also about outfits lol. Also ate
lots of snacks and tried a bubble milk tea! omg it was really really funnnnnn to meet them. 
Guys, i need more holiday for sureeee T.T i miss being free hft. so many assignments and exams
i have to do and may God bless me and i wish tons of lucks for meehhh *fight* 

STUPKID top // Gaudi skirt // Chiels x Sonia Eryka shoes // Topshop bag&socks // Chain Reaction headband // Greedysassy rabbit ring

with ci Bella from Bella More Way  
with Dea from Perky Tickled Pink Unicorn

see you on the next post!!

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  1. always super duper pretty Milkhaaa! :p

    Pudding Monster

  2. You are always looking so adorable! Looks like you guys had a great time! Nice meeting you in Pop Up Market too. x

  3. Omg! Super cute outfit!

    Come by soon!


  4. love that top pastel !

  5. Wow! So stylish, love the shoes and the bag!!!
    I like your blog and would be happy if we follow each other!
    Just let me know in my blog
    Have a nice weekend :)

  6. looking lovely! as always :) looks like you guys having such great fun! :D

  7. first good luck on your school yah milkkkk~ :D
    I love the colors of your top and the shoes is just perf :3

    cheer, michelle

  8. You look absolutely beautiful and effortlessly chic in this look dear! ♥

    New post on the blog sweetie!

  9. So cute Milkha! Kapan-kapan ikut dong gatheringnyaaaa >,<

  10. really cute outfit! esp love the jeans skirt <3

  11. like that shoes, look good on you!

  12. So cute!!>< i really like your shoes:3:3
    btw im ur new follower now!:D maybe it's nice to follow each other?:D

    Adventure of P-chaaaaaan!!!

  13. what a lovely outfit <3

  14. i love your outfit especially your bag and your shoes <3
    and you look super pretty gosh! <3<3


  15. So cute and prettyyy!!! <3 Love your shoes very muchhhhhh <3

  16. Cute outfit ,love specially the shoes,perfect!
    Your blog is so cute!
    Follow each other ,let me know and i will follow you back!


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