Thursday, November 20, 2014


A few weeks ago, i went to coffee shop with my girls. We did so many things like every girls regularly do. I asked the waiters if we could use the second floor or not and luckily no one was there. We stayed like more than 3 hours because we were too fun to enjoy the "girls time" HAHAHA. I asked one of my best friends to help me and she agreed. I know this is a long time story but that's okay because better late than never right? Anyway, i got my sunnies from Polette. It's nice and suits on you better than other sunnies. I love the package and also their service because it's too good! You wont regret it. And honestly, when i visited their website, i couldn't choose because there are so many good sunnies on their website so go check their another collection on here . :)!!!

They also have another social medias :

Watermelon shirt - Argyle and Oxford // Skirt - Stradivarius // Bag - Charles&Keith // Ring - Greedy Sassy // Necklace - Youniq // Shoes - Adidas // Sunnies - Polette

bonus pic of us!!! these are 3/4 of us and we've been together like for 4 years. 

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Under Pressure Precious Things Can Break

Currently sick. I thought that today is the best time to sleep, no i mean to write a new post. 99+++ level of laziness because tomorrow is monday again and i have civic test. Anyway, so many pictures i should post on my blog but i don't have much time to do it because final exam is coming. You know, i've so many exams before the final exam but i NEED rest. Just can i have a day without a test? so i can sleep all day long (p.s : i'm a sleepyhead) -___-". That's why i hate school sometimes..

Gowigasa Sweater // Forever21 Overall // Zara Bag // Topshop Hairpin // Herspot Sunnies // UP shoes

seeeee you on next post! 
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Saturday, October 18, 2014


Unfortunately, i took all the pictures on July. And then i finally decided to post it today because i was too lazy to put some words and also i should edit all the pictures by myself. And these pictures were taken when i met my fellas and i had a lunch with them. I was so girly on that time but it doesn't matter at all because sometimes i love to dress up prettily like a girl. I put on a lace top and also roses on my ears. And anyway, i'm going to receive my mid term test report and i'm currently nervous. I wish it will be better because i was working so hard to do the mid term test but still not sure about the result. You know sometimes it isn't the same as we expected. It's either can be worst or be better, i don't know yet. Tons of goodlucks for me.

Zara Top& Heels // Stradivarius Skirt // Charles&Keith Bag // Yihaa Project Necklace (ig : @yihaaproject) 


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