Sunday, March 8, 2015

I Miso You

The war is almost over. One day left and i'm so grateful, like really grateful. Feel so blessed because it's already new month, March. Time flies too fast and i'm afraid because my second semester of 11th grade is allllmost over. And i've to accept the things that i'll deal that "super-duper" busy grade a.k.a 12th grade. A little bit curious but also worried at the same time about it. And if i could turn back the time, i would. I'm afraid if i can't face it all well. I'm going to deal with that thing.

Top & Skirt : Zara // Bag : Bershka // Shoes : Jeffrey Campbell

happpy sunday! see u.

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Too Much Love Will Kill You

Sadly to say, i'm too busy dealing with my school. So i'm rarely post things on blog even on instagram *sigh*. New month, it means new atmosphere. How's your day? hope as great as mine! I've been waiting so long to write something here and here i am. The sadest thing, that i lost my wireless remote so i couldn't take a OOTD pics by myself huh. Anyway, Valentine's day is near! you guys ready? Have you prepared give something to someone you love or someone that you think it's important in your whole life? let's spread love! I can't wait to celebrate it with my fellas on school.

Top& Necklace : H&M // Skirt : Romwe // Fluffy Cardigan : GOWIGASA // Bag : Cambridge Satchel Co. // Heels : The Little Things She Need

bonus pics! +my lil cousin, stefan (but you can call him epen!) :p

see ya on the next post!

xo xo

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Friday, January 9, 2015

You Look Like My Next Mistake

Typical random night and decided to write new post on new year yayy. And happy nü year everyone!!! *hugsss*. Only few days left to go to school and no more holiday *sigh* . I'll miss my long long holiday. Anyway, these pictures taken by my best friend. I asked her on couple months ago and it happened on December HAHAHA, but nevermind. Luckily, Pershoenalize just sent me my dream shoes (re : customize) a.k.a white platform sandals. It's easy to wear and i wear it mostly. You can check their website on here . They're also have an instagram account : @pershoenalize ;)) 

Top & Shirt : SG // Short & Headband : Stradivarius // White Platform Sandals : c/o Pershoenalize

Seeee you next post!
Happy nü year once again!!!!! ;)

x o x o

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