Saturday, October 18, 2014


Unfortunately, i took all the pictures on July. And then i finally decided to post it today because i was too lazy to put some words and also i should edit all the pictures by myself. And these pictures were taken when i met my fellas and i had a lunch with them. I was so girly on that time but it doesn't matter at all because sometimes i love to dress up prettily like a girl. I put on a lace top and also roses on my ears. And anyway, i'm going to receive my mid term test report and i'm currently nervous. I wish it will be better because i was working so hard to do the mid term test but still not sure about the result. You know sometimes it isn't the same as we expected. It's either can be worst or be better, i don't know yet. Tons of goodlucks for me.

Zara Top& Heels // Stradivarius Skirt // Charles&Keith Bag // Yihaa Project Necklace (ig : @yihaaproject) 


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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

When Life Leaves You High And Dry

Finally, holiday has already started. I decided to watch movies and serial tv(s) like master chef US, CSI, and also Law&Order. Read a novel, and also hang out. Sadly, it just 3 days which is not enough for us (re : student). Anyway, i just found my old camera and i'm beyond happy right now. You know, life without a camera is like a body without soul, isn't it? So, on monday i went to Koultoura Coffee and also Central Park with a friend of mine. We ate a lot (hmmm,not really i mean) and i asked him to take some outfit pictures although i was a mess on that time and i didn't put any make up on my face but well that's okay hahaha. So please, excuse my tired face -__-V

Dress worn as Skirt - Colorbox // Sweater - Stradivarius // Sandals - Zara Kids // Bag - Charles&Keith

What we ate and drank at Koultoura Coffee?

- Fluffy Latte

- Truffle Mac and Cheese

The second place.......After we watched movie, we went to Luciole Bistro and Bar.

forgot the name...but these are mocktail.

Truffle Mayo Fries

Garlic Bread

seeeeee you on the post!

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

What Would You Do

i'm currently at home. watching some movies and listening kinds of music. Like i told you before, i went to Brightspot Market last week. And actually i wasn't planning to do some outfit pictures on that time but Vania, asked me to help her and after that she took me some pictures. FYI, my camera just broke when i need it. You know it sucks and i've been wondering like for many times if i change it into Fujifilm X-E2 that would be great, i thought. I want it all the time and need it everyday. So i asked my mom but seems like she won't buy it for me. But i'll ask another one (re : my dad) because i'm in the level on the scale of 1-10, i'm at a hundred (oh really? currently listening ariana's song)

OOTDINDO Store Top // Romwe Pants // Nike Running Shoes // Charles&Keith Bag // Forever21 Belt // Pull&Bear Socks 

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