Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Pretzel & Beer

Hello, September! good to be back (as always) and i'm currently happy becos there's no exam tomorrow yay! it means that i can write a new post again. i'm truly sorry for you guys, because of my school activities, i can't make time for my one and only this tiny blog. But, sooner or later i'll post my vblog on last June-July about my trip to Lombok-Bali. Who's excited?! HAHAHA. Anyway, i wore this outfit when i had a lunch with Regina after we went to Hype. Here's my outfit on that day.
p.s : i forgot to put my blue sunnies on that i left on my car (blame myself) *sigh* -_-"

Pretzel& Beer Dress : STUPKID // Shoes : Bershka 

tilll the next time+ vblog :pp

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

You Think Too Much, That's Your Trouble

Finally, i can go back on track again and write something on my blog *sigh*. Currently in situation where i have no idea what;s happening. Messed up with everything and sadly now i;m 12th grade (T_T)  dunno what should i write because i almost overthinking everything. No more break time for me, blame myself *cry* . By the way, how's yours? i hope that yours are better than mine x. You know, i need a vacation or anyone can take me away from this situation pls?! HA HA. I miss it like a lot, you know it;s hard to know that you have no time for that oke, forgive me. 

Top : Gowigasa // Bag : Zara TRF // Jacket : TOPSHOP // Shoes : Chiels x Sonia Eryka

seeee you on the next post! 

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I Thought that I've Been Hurt Before

Good to be back. Like finally, holiday is here. I can barely take a nap as much as i want. Anyway, how's life? better or worse? and how's your holiday? i'm going to Bali with my fellas this Sunday and i can't wait to enjoy my trip /excited/ yay. Other side, i'm going to see the result tomorrow and i wish tons of goodlucks so i can easily enjoy the holiday with the rest of my life. Anyway, i got a necklace from shiorimore (ig : @shiorimore) simply, open your instagram account and check theirs.

Top& Pants : Herspot (ig: @herspot) // Necklace : c/o Shiorimore (ig: @shiorimore) // Wedges : UP // Bag : The Cambridge Satchel Company

Have a nice Wednesday,

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