Friday, January 9, 2015

You Look Like My Next Mistake

Typical random night and decided to write new post on new year yayy. And happy nü year everyone!!! *hugsss*. Only few days left to go to school and no more holiday *sigh* . I'll miss my long long holiday. Anyway, these pictures taken by my best friend. I asked her on couple months ago and it happened on December HAHAHA, but nevermind. Luckily, Pershoenalize just sent me my dream shoes (re : customize) a.k.a white platform sandals. It's easy to wear and i wear it mostly. You can check their website on here . They're also have an instagram account : @pershoenalize ;)) 

Top & Shirt : SG // Short & Headband : Stradivarius // White Platform Sandals : c/o Pershoenalize

Seeee you next post!
Happy nü year once again!!!!! ;)

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kaleidoscope of Loud Heartbeats Under Coats

Christmas is near and too excited because i can't wait to celebrate it. Anyway, i just got my result and it's pretty good at all. Currently enjoying my Christmas holiday and i'm going to Bali on 29th of Dec until Jan 3rd, Anyone? And if you guys have some recommendations about it, please share with me on the comment below! i'll appreciate every single of your recommendations :)) And pssssstt, i'll make some giveaway for you guys on January, are you guys ready? hihihi

Crop Sweater - Bershka // White Ripped Jeans - Random store in Singapore // Tattoo Choker& Saturn Necklace - Lunar Cult (@lunarcult on ig) // Daisy Platform Sandals - Chiel Shoes // Leather Cap - Stradivarius 

Merry Christmas everyone! xx 

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Burning Gold

Final exam is finally over and i can easily breathing without any doubt. During final exam, i sleep at midnight and it happened like every day. I thought that i would become a panda but it doesn't matter HAHAHA. so how's your day?i realized that it's finally December and i've been waiting since a few months ago to welcoming this month. A month that full of happiness, full of joy and also full of blessings. Anyway, i'm currently enjoying my break time after final exam so i decided to write a new blog post. Actually, i just wondering about it last night but it ended up with nothing because i was tired last night and ta-daaa! i finally made it today. pardon my laziness :))

Candy Clutch - Bershka // Beanie - Forever21 // Shoes - Stradivarius 

seeeeee you on the next post!

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