Friday, March 28, 2014

A Beautiful Scenery

First day of holiday began with gloomy weather. But it doesn't make me to stop writing a new post.
it takes a few days to edit all the pics but i'm happy with the result hahahaha. Sometimes i try
to do something but then my laziness comes~~ pardon my laziness guys :p oh ya,who's
loving my dress???;p it's too cute right?i always happy for having something cute but it's too rare.
Anyway, i have a long weekend but i should do so many assignments hft thats why i hate school sometimes.
 And then now, i've a while and decided to write a blog post!! well, if you notice the spot so sorry because
i changed the spot. The place one is brighter than before.Oh ya, so sorry for wearing the same 
oversized jacket with the old post because i'm just love it and it matchs with the dress.

"You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching , Love like you'll never be hurt. Sing like there's nobody listening and Live like its heaven on earth."

Dress - Stupkid  // Jacket - We Are All Curious // Unicorn Bag - twentyoneshop21 (on ig) // Baby Blue Juju Jelly Shoes // Sunnies - Forever 21 // Socks - Topshop
The Details


photographed by me 

see you soon!
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Playground

The first time i took a pics outside my house and i'm excited. Before this one, i haven't because i'm too shy.
And luckily no one is there so i can take a picture as much as i want XD! oh ya,i really love the
playground and i miss being kid because i don't have to feel the pain and also play a lot.
but time flies too fast and i grown up. Anyway, the outfit fits so well with the playground
and i really like it. it'll be my favorite outfit so far! oh ya, i've some getaway and i
really really enjoy my little getaway~~ so sorry because i can share all the pics today
because i'm too lazy (as always) to write a new post!!(pardon my laziness) ;p

Duck Shirt - @shopatbeau (via instagram) // Hologram Short - The Editor's Market // 
Barbie Necklace - c/o @shoppink_id (via instagram) // Dr Martens Boots

Barbie Necklace c/o @shoppink_id (via instagram)

Heart Printed Jacket - We Are All Curious

  see ya on the next post!<3

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Better Than Sunshine

finally new post *sigh* sorry for rarely post something because i just passed my mid term test yay!
but too sad,i'm still have a lot of exams T.T but, after all, i'll have a week off because my senior
will have school examination~ by the way, all the pics taken on two weeks ago but post it today
because i'm free today and wanna share to you haha. And well, enough said because today
will monday again and i really hate it ugh. 
 anyway here's the answer for michele sanjaya's questions :
1. FASHION. because fashion doesn't need beauty at all.
2. Benefit,Naked,The Body Shop,Etude.
3. 15-45 minutes haha ><
4. Scrolling about anything and listening some music
5. pencil and gel eyeliner for sure!
6. Girly,Monochrome,Childish,Simply.
7. Never give up,do it as long as you can.
9. Blogger : Sonia Eryka and Anastasia Siantar , Youtuber : Bethany Mota
10. Wonderstuck, Daisy by marc jacobs.
11. Don't cry because it's over,smile because it happened.

i whip my hair back and forth~~ lol 

 unusual pose hahaha excuse my weirdo ><

  the details :) 

White Shirt - DIY // Pink Sweater - Gowigasa // Skirt - Bershka // 
Hat - F21 // Wedges - Zara // Necklace - Somewhere in SG

till the next post! see ya<3<3

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