Friday, January 9, 2015

You Look Like My Next Mistake

Typical random night and decided to write new post on new year yayy. And happy nü year everyone!!! *hugsss*. Only few days left to go to school and no more holiday *sigh* . I'll miss my long long holiday. Anyway, these pictures taken by my best friend. I asked her on couple months ago and it happened on December HAHAHA, but nevermind. Luckily, Pershoenalize just sent me my dream shoes (re : customize) a.k.a white platform sandals. It's easy to wear and i wear it mostly. You can check their website on here . They're also have an instagram account : @pershoenalize ;)) 

Top & Shirt : SG // Short & Headband : Stradivarius // White Platform Sandals : c/o Pershoenalize

Seeee you next post!
Happy nü year once again!!!!! ;)

x o x o

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