Saturday, October 22, 2011


bear, bears and bear!
now I'll try to mix and match with headbear that I have this :3 .
This is one funny thing in my room :p
olala......... let's check it out !

this is my fav pic :D

what i wore :
brown shirt
black tight
black short
flat shoes
liontin ring

see ya on the next post :)!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dream Fairy

Awww very cute pink color for my use. becausejust bought new tight, it's time to mix and match! lalala ..
I am happy because the color is cute and comfortable :3.
so, enjoy it!

what i wore :
crochet pink dress
pink tight
ribbon ring

see ya on the next post :)!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rock your Mind Rock your style !

stripes stripes and stripes again :D!
hmmm , but now it's news stripes and stripes legging :D
it's so simple but cool :D
okay ! enjoy it :D

what i wore :
news stripes top
stripes legging
cream bracelet
eiffel necklace

see ya on the next post :)!

Do Stripe

hmmm.... hey blog ,hey visitor and hey followers !
it's my new post :D
now , i will play with a stripe blazer !
okay , i hope you are enjoy it !

what i wore:
stripe blazer
black short
tiger T-shirt
flat shoes
owl ring

see ya on the next post :)!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nude Effect

what i wore :

white T-shirt
Burberry pencil skirt
cream boots
plum hate

see ya on the next post :)!

Pink Nature

oh yeah ! back to pink and
back to nature ,yeah!
now , i'm feeling so nature and sweet!
i really love this moment!

this pic was taken in the garden!

it's my fav pic !
oh lala ! i love it ....

what i wore :

white T-shirt
Pink Sweater
Red Skirt
Head Band
Bird ring

see ya on the next post :)!

Monday, October 10, 2011


oh yeah! Now, I wear bright colors because itmakes me happy! okay, now I wear a pencil skirt with a cropped top :D hahaha .. it's a decent mix and match makes me happy ...

and .... this is it!

I took this photo on the roof! it's very funny!However, I am very happy because it can take photos on the roof as well without any hindrance from anyone :p
okay! let's check it out :D

what i wore :
cropped top
pencil skirt
peach sandals
camera necklace
head band

see ya on the next post :)!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lace Licious

hey bloggers: 3! I really like lace! I really like it because the model is cute, comfortable, and simple. So , let's check it ;)

i really love vintage ring too ....

what i wore :
lace top
khakis pants
ballet shoes
bird ring

see ya on the next post !

News Printed

hahaha .. I took this photo on the roof ;p
This mix and match my first :D
I was inspired and local fashion bloggers :D
so, I hope you enjoy with my first post :)

what i wore :
Printed Legging

see ya on the next post :D!