Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!! too lazy to write a new post because 
i have a good relationship with my bed. I spend my whole day only for sleep >,<.
However, today is the day!so i cut my relationship with my bed for a while and
having a great conversation with my big fam. Unusual, this is my second christmas
celebration without mom&dad but i feel better than before :P hehehe.
I wore this outfit to church and then i changed my pants into red 'cause my aunt forced 
me to use the red one (what's the problem with the green one?) 
And i decided to took a picture in front of my house.....
well,i'm a little shy but i think it's the best spot for me :P 
last but not least,sorry for the bad photos because the weather was cloudy.

which one is the best?the christmas hat or the deer one? tell me :))!

sweater : @herspot on ig // pants : cache-cache // heels : charles&keith // transparant clutch : @tgif_bdg on ig

see you soon!xx 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Christmas is getting closer and i'm so excited!!!!! My holiday will start tomorrow and i
already wrote 'to do list' on my journal. This is my first christmas celebrate
in Jakarta and totally insane because it'll be the most prettiest year ever.
To be honest, 2013 will be over and i can't believe time flies too fast, don't you think?
there's so many memories that i've been through. I hope 2014 will give me more than 2013 did.
Oh ya, i really love christmas because so many christmas presents will come to me yay!!
hope all the sweaters will be mine so i can wear it in December. Then, i just bought
one of the sweater that i like,so happy >< 

sweater & bag : zara // skirt : cloth inc // sunnies : herspot (@herspot on ig) // wedges : the little things she need // tights : damour shop (@damourshop on ig)