Sunday, January 29, 2012

My 1st post on

yeah :D ! thanks for this day (: now i have account on :D and it's my 1st post on ! hope you enjoy it :D thanks<3

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dreaming Winter

i know in Indonesia is impossible to have Winter . I really dreaming that i can see the snow falling in my country . But , i like to try something about winter . I wear winter jacket and i made my own style looks fashionable if in Indonesia have Winter . So i can use my winter jacket and keep look pretty :> hope you like it ! xoxo

oh yeah ! naturally eye shadow ! i try to learn nude color . And the color is soft gold,brown, white glitter , and also black eyeliner :D! Don't forget to use Mascara :D

what i wore :
winter jacket ,brown shirt , black hot pants , black pumps shoes , envelope ring , brown socks

Photographer by : My little sister Valerine Eunike

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Geek and Boyish

this is my lovely sister :p . Her name is Gabriella Rahel Alexis . Now she studying at STIKOM London School of Public Relation , Jakarta .

and this is me =)

yeah =) ! just got some picture with my lovely sister *kiss* . She also have passion in fashion same like me ;) . We always take a picture when we meet and it's so fun ! she like photography so damn much! sometimes we exchange ideas about fashion and photograph . Okay let's check this out ya(:

what i wore :
i love paris sweater , hot pants , black socks , scarf , black bowler hat , glasses .

what she wore :
black jacket , black tank top , hot pants , black socks , round glasses .

Photography by : my little sister Valerine Eunike

black and white beginning

welcome 2012 :D! new hope , new spirit , new fashion trend and also new style
this is my first post in this year . i try to share something new , more stylish , more fashionable and inspiring you . In this post , i try to learn about make up . The theme is spooky . Hope you enjoy this post (:

i try to use smoke eyes . the color is blue ,dark blue and grey. And i use blue glitter eye liner to make my eyes looks strong . My sister made this make up for me and she tell a little bit about make up . hihi , big thanks for my sister ! you are the coolest than me *tongue out*

this is my dress looks from behind :)

i was wearing black stripe dress , black ribbon belt , owl ring , black pumps shoes

Make Up by : My sister Gabriella Rahel
Photographer : My Little Sister Valerine Eunike

Big thanks ya for my sister and my little sister ! *big hug*