Friday, February 17, 2012

the little touch of flowers

hello readers! well , i'm forget to say Happy Valentine to everyone ! and now i want to this post about flowers . The little touch of flowers is the great title for this post because i wore a little bit of flowers print on my shirt right? and i wore my DIY flower headband . And now readers , i hope you enjoy it! let's see :D

i got this photo with my lovely bear <3

yesterday , my aunt just arrived from Jerusalem . She bought me Jerusalem sling bag and
i'm very happy :D . Big thanks for my aunt<3

This is my DIY flowers headband ! very long to made this headband-_______-

what i wore :

Flowers shirt
creme skirt
brown wedges
vintage letter necklace
Jerusalem sling bag
DIY headband

see ya on the next post :D

xoxo ,
milkha eunike<3

Little Photoworks 2012

hello my lovely readers ! this is my 2nd post in February month right? Ok readers. In this post isn't about fashion but about photoworks . Last week , i learned to be a little photographer . I think the result isn't like a perfect photographer because i'm just learned to be a little photographer . And this is it ! Hope you enjoy it :) !

my little cousin ! very sweet :3

after the rain , i got this photo
do you see what is the orange round ? yeah it's light in the street

autumn season !

in the green lake . the model is my lovely cousin <3

and it is my lovely cousin too <3

and the last , it is my handsome cousin !

what i wore for this little photography ? Canon EOS 550 D

so, what's your favorite photo?

see ya on the next post !

xoxo ,
milkha eunike

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Little Miss Black

hello readers ! ready for the romantic month ? Yeah ! we call it February month . February month identic colour pink right? But now the colour is black and the theme is back to school . I wore black pants and also white shirt and don't forget to wore black ribbon tie . is it cute right ? .I'm feel like geek girl . Ok, i hope you enjoy it :D

yeah , i also wore black sneakers and black socks.

this is my favorite , my black ribbon tie :)

my DIY nail art . I think isn't nice but i really like it .

i was wore :
white shirt
black pants
black ribbon tie
black socks
black sneakers
Ray Ban aviator
Owl ring

see ya on the next post !
have a nice day :)
milkha eunike

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Karen Walker Hearts UV Sunglasses 2011

in 2011 , Karen Walker produce UV Sunglasses . Everybody knew the design of Karen Walker is limited and for every sex . Because it , a lot of people find this glasses . They have 7 models and stunning Klasik tones , edgy , and cat-eye shape color .And the name of glasses is cool . They are Perfect Day, Number One, Harvest, Patsy, Pegs, Dylan, Bunny dan Von Trapp. Checkout the new collection, paired with the campaign imagery below…

Waiting for Valentine

Hello February ! i'm very impatient to celebrate valentine ! February is the romantic month right ? haha . Because i'm waiting for valentine , the theme is Red and White . Okay let's see this :) hope you enjoy it !

okay , i wear new red heels from rotelli .

and i wear eiffel necklace from forever 21 too

and the last is bird ring

i was wore :
knit sweater
creme skirt
red heels
eiffel necklace
bird ring
cute boater hat

see ya on the next post (:
xoxo ,
milkha eunike

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tribal of Love

Tribal of Love this just for winter . But last week in Indonesia is always rainy so i choose the theme is winter . I think winter theme same as rainy theme . So , i hope you enjoy it in this post :D!

P.S : i learn to make up myself . This is make up tutorial :p