Sunday, August 25, 2013


new hurrrrrrr!what do you think guys?too bad,it's too short T.T but i just tired with
the old one hehehe. Tomorrow,there will be chemistry test......and i'm so messed up.
forget about the test and go back to my outfit. I'm so in love with the combination between flowers and mint!too cute i think>< 

i just downloaded If I'm James Dean and You're Audrey Hepburn a.k.a 
Sleeping With Sirens's acoustic album. if you interesting,go check 'em and download it!!:)

i almost forgettttt that now i'm officially SHS's student. I just love JHS's life and if i had a time 
machine i'd go back. New friend doesn't mean i'm happy. i miss my old mates,teachers&best friend.
SHS isn't free as JHS hehehehe

"They say that love is forever 
Your forever is all that I need 
Please stay as long as you need 
Can't promise that things won't be broken 
But I swear that I will never leave Please stay forever with me"

top : gowigasa // sweater : stradivarius // short : forever21 // heels : zara

good night!xx

ig:@milkhaeunike/@milkhaeunike_ on twitter.