Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Strong Wind

decided to write a new post *finally* because no school today. Actually all of my photos were taken
since December 2013 but decided to post it today because i'm busy with my daily life. And as you
know, Jakarta had a extreme weather since the beginning of January. Like strong wind and heavy rain.
And i don't know when it'll be end, i hope soon. Anyway, when i was taking photos with my friend,
the wind came strong and stronger. So i'm not longer taking a photo. Sorry for the bad contrast because
the weather was a little bit cloudy =.=" Last but not least, as you can see i'm dressing like sporty girl
but actually i'm not that kind of sporty girl hehehe :P 

all time favorite <3 my friend's favorite too !

The Editor's Market playsuit ; NewBalance shoes ; NY cap ; unbranded shirt

see you soon!

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