Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pastel Madness

oh hello ,everyone! sorry i can't update my blog as soon as possible cause i'm too busy :(
grade 9th too hard to have a free time for do my fun activity. Anyway, on this week i have a pratical tests and tomorrow are..... Computer and Biology hem, such a great combination, right :))?*sigh*
Above all, i spend my little time for post some outfit and then i go back study again.....
okay, i don't want to think about my practical tests a while and go back to my outfit i wore.
i tried to combine the pastels one with florals pattern and finally i post it tonight :)

between of us, i listening a song called 'The A Team' by Ed Sheeran.
He's very talented and i love him so much <33
So, because i really love it,i played it since last week and probably
it's song of the week ,lol :)). btw, how about your fav song on this week?
mabye i should know or you can share it on the comment page :))?  

  • vintage hat
  • Top : Petite Cupcakes
  • Trousers : Pull & Bear
  • Shoes : Shop Alamanda 
  • Roses bracelet : bl!nk


this is from me
see ya on the next post<3