Monday, November 16, 2015

I Can See Clearly Now

Its raining and good to be back. I left my blog around 2months and thats my bad /sorry/. But now, i'm here and i'm glad that i'm here with raining season. I had a hectic situation about couple days or weeks ago because i did many assignments and an exam every single weeks. It blew me up and feels like i just want to throw away the bad ones and only take the good one tho. But nevermind, Christmas is near and i'm beyond happy because i'll have such a longggg holiday and it cheers me up. I did a short cut about last week, i know i'm a cheater. I went to Singapore with my mom and a friend of mine. We enjoyed it especially myself because i watched Taylor Swift's concert. I'm satisfied and beyond happy right now. And no words can't explain that. By the way, here are my outfit that i planned but sadly, i didnt have any chance to wear that /pity me/.


Hat : Stradivarius // Turtleneck Longshirt& Denim Skirt : Bershka // Outwear : Cotton Ink // Shoes : UP

see you on the next post!


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