Saturday, April 26, 2014

Magical Mystery Ride -- Pop Up Market 2014

On Friday 11th of April, i got an invitation from Pop Up Market 2014. At first, i didn't expect too much
for an invitation because i thought that i can't come on the opening one. So i went to Pop Up with my friends and i also met my blogger fellas. I feel like unexpected happy because the event was cool and 
also they had a great place to make an event. Ohya, so many cool brands were there so that's why i went to the opening to see their collection first and actually i didn't get so many stuffs because the
place was hot and unluckily i wore a trousers with sweater so it makes hotter. And also the place was so crowded eventually only for an invitation only *sigh* i saw so many cool stuffs and i want to come back again on saturday but........i can't hft so baddddd. Anyway, because i went around with my blogger fellas, so i can take a pics of my outfit that i wore on that day. We were searching a great spot
to take a pics and ended up with this place and luckily, no one was there so you can take a pics as much as you want (because i did that hahahaha lol~). Last but not least, pardon my childish time because
i look so childish especially because the sweater and also my lacey socks lmao :))

Sweater - Market Museum ( i forgot the brand) // Pants - Cache Cache // Bag - Mango // Greedy Sassy Rabbit Ring // Shoes - Topshop

me trying to be cute but it failed lmao. so pardon me :))

Greedy Sassy Rabbit Ring // Mango Bag

i was buying only a pair of shoes and also lots of pudding (PUYO and MilkyWay Pudding) . And because of that, it makes me so addicted until now! their bubble gum is recommended for you guys ;) ohya, i also ate MilkyWay Pudding and the caramel makes it so yummm and i love how to eat that lol.

the invitation <3

Me with Ci Michelle Hendra

Left to Right : Nadya,  Me , Vania

'tillll the next post!

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Friday, April 18, 2014


Had a little vacation to Bali on last March. And the last day in Bali,i moved to The Mulia and i really love that place.
they're having a good service and also nice place to take some pics for sure hahaha. But unfortunately, i didn't take so much because i check in on 6pm and check out on 6am. Actually, i did some quick photoshoot
before check out and it took by my aunt on the balcony. Too bad,in the morning i didn't take so many
pics about the place because i was late at all and tried to catch the airplane as fast as i can. And i promise i'll go back on June and spend a day on The Mulia yayyyy (>,<)/. By the way, i was wearing Gogirl 9th bday's sweater but  i'm in love with the pink one but the fact is i didn't get it huhuhu.
for you guys, i made a video about my little getaway yay!!!! So sorry because i can share my little holiday on today hahahaha

the view on the balcony (the swimming pool) 

London Socks - Pull&Bear // Dr Martens Boots // tartan choker - L.I.N.F //  Sunnies - Cotton On //
Intern Sweater - Gogirl Magz // Tartan Leggings - F21 // Bag - Zara

see yaa on the next post<3

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Infinite Universe

hello guys! it's been a while since i didn't post something right? Today i'll share you something about
cool brands from Portugal and i surely love their brands because their stuffs are cool and too cute to be wasted!! The first time i saw their collection, i'm speechless. because this is totally so amazing (><)/.
Oh ya, let me introduce about it to you guys. 
Infinite Universe is a brand create in 2014 by a girl with a huge ambition to create a new and original brand. It was born from a concept that brings together the things that she was most in love with Fashion and Photography. Infinite Universe is a clothes brand made for all the admirers of art that are looking for unique and original pieces of clothes, and through them express their own personal style.
This cool sweaters you can wear it anywhere and also anytime! it depends on how you mix&match it.
you can wear it to school for make you still warm if your class really really cold,or you can wear it to hang out with your friends to Mall, or maybe you wear it when you go traveling aboard, and then you can wear it to go to dinner with your family. it's too multifunctional right? and it also depends on you too how you style it. You can wear a skirt to make a girly and don't forget to add a pink clutch, wear a boyfriend's jeans to make it casual with your pastel backpack, or double it with you fav little black dress (p.s : you should choose the rad print for make it looks so rad!and also wear a red lipstick to make it bold) Anyway, let's check it out<3


For you boys,don't worry about yourself! they're for unisex and it means that they're allow you to have their collection! so you can wear that cool sweater too hahaha :P 
and if you want to check their full collection, you can see it on :


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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Welllllll, hello everybodyyyy!! it's already April actually and i'm so excited yayyyyy!!
so, how's your weekend?today i'll go to Market Museum and i'm so happy because i thought before that i'm not coming but i cannnnnn. anyway, this pics were taken on Bali around two weeks ago.Of course, i made a short video too but.....i don't know why i can't share it on sorry:(!! i'll try again,i promise!By the way, i really really love flowers especially daisies!! when i saw
this sweater, as fast as i can, i dropped it into my shopping bag >< hahahaha~ because i'm addicted
so bad with daisies! and also i found daisy necklace and decided to buy it as soon as possible.
Oh ya, this month actually will be my fav part because a lots of fun already waiting for me yaay!! hope this month will be your fav part too!xoxo

Daisy Sweater - Romwe // Denim Overall, Daisy Necklace , Hat - F21 // Jeffrey Campbell Boots // Monster Bag - Platform Store (on ig) // Socks - Topshop

Jeffrey Campbell Thomb Boots

anyway,this is my cousin as my photographer :)

happy sunday <3

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