Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lovers On The Sun

hello!! finally i'm here. it has been a long time since i didn't post anything. i just realized that on Monday, i'll go to school again and no wayyyy!!! holiday will be over T.T ohhhh,time flies too fast, right? Oh ya, i went to hongkong with my mom for a week so i'll post about my trip later on my blog. Last but not least, did you notice my hair? i'm no longer have a straight hair anymore because i hate my straight hair so then i perm it to make my hair looks more volume 

anyway, i got this iphone case from (via instagram) i really really 
love it! thank you so much :D

Ted Baker case c/o (via instagram)

sweater - stradivarius // daisy shorts - The Editor's Market // daisy necklace& hat - Forever21 // Dr Martens Boots

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bad Blood

Finally, i got the result and i was happy about it yayyyy :D and of course i'll have a holiday because i'm free as a bird right now without any problem yay! Anyway, do you know Bastille? i'm currently love their album called All This Bad Blood and i lovee all the songs.
And i've heard that ripped jeans is back on the track and i got for myself a long time ago hahaha XD can you see that? i dress up so boyish on this post and i also love the Make Up by my sister so bad and it suits on me so well.

Turtleneck Crop Top - Forever21 // Jacket - The Editor's Market // Mini Clutch&Heels - Zara // Leather Cap - Stradivarius  

see ya on the next post!

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Drop All Your Worries

Finally, the war was over on Thrusday and i am beyond free. I am truly happy and i can barely update my blog today.
Anyway, all the pictures was taken on last week when i had a getaway during final exam on Bandung and i decided to take a lot of pictures for my next blog post. a blogger, you need to be confident when you're in public area if you want to take a pictures for blog post because some people can't be confident and i was, too! I don't know why, right now, i can be more confident than usual and finally i don't care what the people are going to say about me. Because i know, they don't know about me. I thought that if someone care about my own business, then they're useless and they're unimportant and they should get a life. You better manage your own business first before you want to manage my own business or want to judge me ;)

Forever21 Hat&Skirt // Pull&Bear Top // Stradivarius Necklace// Raccoon Case  Chanel Iphone Case // June&Julia Lola Boots

The Details

June&Julia Lola Boots


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Friday, June 6, 2014


hello everyone! it's been a looonggg time since i didn't post something here. I'm too busy with my final exam and it'll end soon on wednesday and i can't wait yayyy! Oh yaaa, i just realized that it's already June and of course holiday will be start soon, right? Are you planning go to somewhere? like beach,or maybe go to overseas or go to mountain and feel the air or try something new with your friends? You know, i loveeee to do some getaway on June and yesh! i love traveling. But beside it, i truly hate when i don't have much time to do make up because i'm a amateur and also i love being simple. And finally, i found Pond's with BB+ Cream to help me do the quick make up and also i don't need much time to do make up because you know, time is expensive hahaha. And Pond's BB+ Cream also helps you to look better and to cover up your face but still look natural ;) Because i don't want to be alone to use it, i want you guys to know this and Pond's also make an event for you all and want you to join it....... You can also invite your friends as much as you want and you'll get a special gift from Pond's! If you tell your 5 friends,you'll get something special from them. It's easy to join it! and let me tell you ;p!

How to Join?

1.  Open your Facebook account and also click Ponds BB Be My Plus website and then click "connect" 
2. It'll be show on Facebook and click "accept" then automatically you are already joined it!
3. Fill the contact number coloumn and also your email and also your testimonial about BB+ Cream
4. Then tell your friends on Facebook to join it! You can also click your friend's account and send them the invitation + with your testimonial!

and finally......tadaaaaa it's easy right? I already joined it too! So, let's join it before it's too late for you all because there's no second chance :p HAHA 

(p.s : here's the gift if you invite your friends to join this!)

and.....if you still confuse about the rules, you can also watch it on youtube :

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